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About Tom From Prague

Tom From Prague was born and raised in the Czech Republic’s capital city of Prague and taught himself to mix using two old turntables and an even older mixer. Shortly after joining the growing Prague club circuit in 1999, Tom established himself as one the leading DJs in the vibrant new wave of Prague’s club world. After blowing up Radost FX, one of the hottest spots in Prague’s club scene, Tom’s career skyrocketed, branding him one of the leading DJs and Events Promoter throughout Europe and the US. Now, with over 10 years of experience, Tom boasts professional, high quality, multi-layered mixes infused with progressive, disco and house music. He is a perfectionist by nature whose seamless transitions and hypnotic beats will rock your body and keep the party surging all night long.

"Tom is a musical musician." - Lisa Greenfield, LG Presents, LLC, President